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I would not recommend First American to my wo
Respected sir/madam,
My complaint is with First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation ( I have been without A/C for over a week now. I first called to open a complaint on Sunday the 9th of July 6:30am (If you don't think it gets hot in South Texas in July, think again). They could not tell me who would come out at that time because they are on a round robin type of system and I had to call back later. I called back a few hours later and they gave me the name and number of the company who was going to come out and "FIX" the problem, DESIRED TEMPERATURE (don't ever call on this guy to work on your A/C, he doesn't know what he is doing). I waited all day for someone to call me, no one did (I "believed" that company was so busy that they would get in touch with me as soon as possible, wrong answer. Around 8pm I called the First American (they should not be allowed to use First American because they are a bunch of commies) again. I was informed that unless the ambient temperature reached 100 degrees Fahrenheit, it was not considered an emergency. I argued with the rep for about 30 minutes about how hot it is in a 2 story home. She didn't care. I didn't receive a call from Desired until Tuesday at 1pm, about 30 minutes before he was to arrive at my house. When he showed up he found that another technician (sent by first commies last year) had installed a wrong part. {Side bar--WATCH OUT, when they say that it is a $50 service fee, take out your wallet for all the extras. Last year I had to shell out another $500.00 for "ALTERATIONS". The technician ordered a new air handler that was SMALLER then the one I had, so he had to make "ALTERATIONS". "ALTERATIONS" are not covered.} He started to pack up his stuff and told me that there was nothing to do until the other company came out and replaced the incorrect part. I called First COM to let them know that that was unacceptable, low and behold they agreed with me. I thought OK I'm going to get my A/C fixed. Well, he put in a new part, made it look like he was troubleshooting the problem for about 30 minutes, then told me I needed a new condenser. I told him about the trouble I had last year when it took more than 2 weeks for them to replace my air handler (my mistake for thinking it was a fluke last year) and that I didn't want a repeat. He said that he could get it done by Friday if the part was available and that I should call first commies to keep tabs on the status. I called and confirmed that the part was available on Thursday. I called UN-Desired temperature and he said that he would be at my house on Friday at around 1pm. By 5pm Friday he still wasn't there. I tried calling him several times and he never answered and the call never went to voice mail, not until 4:45pm and then it went directly to voice mail. It is now 9pm on Monday, July 17th and I still don't have my A/C fixed. I have spend about 4+ hours on hold with first commie over the last weekend trying, with NO LUCK, to get my A/C repaired. I have left 5 voice mails, I have talked with about 10 customer service reps and they all keep feeding me a bunch of BULL. Sunday, I told one CSR that I was going to have the repairs done on my own and that I want them to pay for it. She kept arguing with me that could not be done. I don't know how many times I asked to speak to a supervisor before she transferred me to DOLORES. Dolores in fact told me that, yes, they could cut me a check but it would be for the amount it would have cost them and UN-desired temperatures to replace the part. She told me that she would have to do some research on how much it would be and call me back. As of this writing she still hasn't called me back. I called again today and wanted to talk to a supervisor. They bounced me back and forth to the regular CSR's until it was too late to talk to a supervisor because they were all going home for the day??? Great customer service, NOT. I think they are AFRAID to talk to an unhappy customer. The last girl I spoke to sent me to her supervisors voice mail and the system said that her mail box was "FULL". I wonder why??? They must have a bunch of "Teed" off customers. I had to call back and let this young lady to tell her about her bosses voice mail box and she started to LAUGH at me. Bottom line---I would NOT recommend First American (first commies) to my worst enemy. As long as they are getting your money everything is fine and dandy. But, when you have a problem----WATCH OUT.
Post by Mark
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