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AV Immigration or APEX Visa is a Fraud Service Provider. Let me Quote an example: Many a times you will receive mail stating International Job Opportunities, for which APEX visa will guide them to avail Visa. This is a lie and a way to approach clients to apply for Visa for which APEX will charge 1500/- as “Initial Fee” for checking whether you are eligible for International Job. And the answer is 100% of applicants who pay the Initial fees are eligible.

Next, they will ask to deposit 80, 000 to 1.5 lac of fees for guiding applicant to avail visa, for which they have 3 scheme. One, Only basic service. Second, Basic Service + Job Assurance. Final, Basic Service + Job assurance + On arrival guidance such as Driving licence, stay, etc..

However, when they make you sign the agreement applicant will not find any assurance of money paid, and if the Visa is not provided APex Visa will blame on Respective country economy, political factor but in most cases the documents provided by applicant was incorrect.


  1. Good to learn the fact. I will go for direct application rather than consultants.

  2. I had engaged apex visas for doing the application on my behalf for the Australian migration by paying an application fees of Rs 70000/-.
    However after I engaged M/s A V immigration and career consultancy Pvt Ltd (Apex visas), the service I received was pathetic and I feel cheated. I have not had any communication from them for the past 2 months.

    I was informed by them after paying up that various letters are required to be given on the company letter head in a certain format. This is just an eye wash to delay the application process and make you run here and there for some letters and then they can claim that you did not submit the required letter and hence the application could not go through.

    These people are cheats and like many others i also got cheated by them in this era of social media.

  3. Hi,

    I am also the sufferer of the Apex Visa services.At the time of Enrollment they take regular followups but once you enrolled with them they forget that they have to give proper sevice to customers till the closing.
    Second bad experience was about the second Country PR they confidentally assured me for second country and taken so much of time in the name of verfication and audit and even after questioning about listing in proper Job occupation they confidently assured that we will be eligible and surely get the visa.For cross verificatiopn we inquired from other immigration service provider they denied that i will not get positive due to not suitable occupation but Apex people stongly assured that we will get the PR and at time of result it was negative because of not matching occupation.
    We lost money and the portition which is refundable we are not getting updates and very rudely they are mailing about there policy.

    It is not about the policy but about the service, when they want us to enroll they give hard core service but once you enroll you have to face so much of issues regarding customer service from there side.

    NO regular updates
    NO proper Mails
    NO regular Phone calls on status from there side

    Not happy with there service .Service is not worth as per money charged

  4. Dear All Prospective Immigration service seekers, This is to let you all know about this fraud company in Pune and Mumbai running their business under the name Apex visas – A.V. Immigration & Careers Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. I would like to warn you all to be beware of this crooks and similar crooks like them who are in the same business and looting clients of their hard earned money in the name of immigartion services. Apexvisas are the biggest fraud i have ever experineced. I had my wife’s papers filed for Australian P.R and they assured me that they will help me out with the process and so i enrolled with them and immediately after i enrolled i started getting surprises one after the other…I realised that the guy who spoke to me Mr.Jayprakash Mehta was himself a biggest clown in the business with other bafoons working with him who are not only inexperienced in the field but also incompetent and unprofessional. My wifes case was handed over to 2 different peopl in a span of 6 months who are completely new and had no idea about what they were doing…Due to which the filing was delayed and the Assessment results were negative…After the results were declared i asked them to assist me with the appeal. Which they failed to assist me in and also i asked them if they can help me with another country…they didnt take interest in that either and also asked me to pay more to avail another country service. I suggest you all to go through the reviews properly and then enroll with any consultancies. Don’t rush in to things..

  5. APEX Visas are into a fraudulent business and there is no second doubt about it. I have all the evidence and substancial proofs to narrate an entire 600 lines story, however, to cut things short, the crux of the fact is narrated in the initial 7 words and a line of recommendation is – Refrain from using the services of APEX Visas in future.

  6. I have applied for Australia PR and it seems the explaination on fees wasn’t briefed at the time of signing agreement.

    Surprises on the fee amount one after another.

    After following up for the refund people don’t respond neither pickup the call.

    Vanashree, Sushant, Ekta & Vikas.

    Looking for my refund rupees 75k which is on toss else, if not got call I will file a police case against by next Monday.

  7. Thanks a lot to those people who actually opened my dreamy eyes…literally I was about to pay them initial amount in Mumbai.and I’m sure after visiting their office in Vashi, Mumbai I would hv been convinced easily to pay 100000/- you people actually saved that money .thanks a lot.can anyone ease tell me any genuine visa consultant in Mumbai.

  8. I spent a lot of time reading all the reviews above and thank you all for letting everyone know the reality. I am a doctor, medical administrator, and an entrepreneur owning my own medical center and consultancy in Pune / Mumbai and was even willing to provide some excellent medical services to their staff and clients including a travel digital health card which our group of doctors have innovated, but one the Apex Directors just heard it from me (I doubt she even understood) and asked me to send an email proposal which went nowhere. Now this was pretty insulting for as a medical organization as we do have some respect in the Society for our services. When I tried calling the Director lady, she cut my calls or did not respond (seems she is seasoned in it) as they were busy in a ‘birthday party’ in the office and had zero courtesy in returning the call respectfully. But when I re-approached after 3 months for VISA processing, her approach changed totally. No apology, no regrets for the disrespectful behavior earlier. Now they are putting pressure on the young vibrant hard-working sales team to call me every now and then and close the lead. All they want is money I feel. One of sales team members mentioned on phone they include IELTS fees and later changed her statement based on her Director’s instructions. While doing the evaluation too they made some blunders like considering “zero” work experience in India and labeling me a ‘graduate’ when I am a postgraduate. I would for sure not go ahead. Thanks everyone.

  9. Hello All,

    I don’t know weather they are fraud or not. But the incident happen with me is also not acceptable. We had paid 85 K on 1 April 2015 for the Australia PR procedure. And due to some unavoidable medical circumstances we have to withdraw our case. The only procedure is done after I pay the amount is the allocation of case officer. Not a single documentation or procedure is done from their side. And immediately on 15 May we started following them for the withdrawal of case and refund of money. We had also forwarded an email to them that deduct some minimal charges and refund the rest. But they are not in state of entertaining us they simply replied me in a single sentence i.e. “As per management rule voluntary with drawl is not possible” which is definitely not accepted by anyone. Means I had paid Rs. 85000 and they are simply saying do the procedure or forgot the money. So I recommend everyone that if you are not sure and any doubt is their then please think 100 times before you pay the money because either they did anything in your case or not or whatever is the reason they will not refund your money.

    Can anyone suggest me what to do now to get my money back?

  10. DO NOT EVER GO TO APEX VISAS FOR IMMIGRATION PURPOSES. They are careless and irresponsible. Especially APEX Pune. They have an inexperienced staff with no knowledge of immigration laws. They just act as mediators for filing applications without providing any valuable advice. We had a major financial loss + all immigration plans affected because of major mistakes by the A.V/Apex staff. The staff may sound nice and make tall claims but do not offer real guidance and are careless and irresponsible including the entire management chain. STAY AWAY and get in touch directly with registered agents for your immigration purpose or file it yourself.

  11. Thank goodness for this site! I have found one thing in common though.
    Whilst I am not denigrating job sites, but when we post CVs online, we’re automatically putting a target on our own backs. So whilst I have nothing against, it seems that I only started receiving all sorts of fraudulent offers, not just APEX VISAS.

    I wish the job websites like Naukri and TimesJobs would do a better job at verifying the credentials of people who access our CVs and personal data.

  12. I had applied for Australia PR Visa through Apex- Ahmedabad office, who now have broken away there tie-up with Apex or AV Immigration. Reason: Apex or AV Immigration has cheated clients that they are MARA Agent, and the case against them are going in Australia and the same has been filed by clients In India. The base of Apex is in pune and although the fees charged by them is reasonable, the service rendered by them is of poor quality. Moreover, the staff consist of graduates and have been inefficient trained and does not heed to clients query. One needs to take aggressive follow up for any query, as once the fees is paid, the real picture comes up.

    My Suggestions:

    1) Only those from pune should opt for this service. Candidates willing to go abroad should opt for service from Local MARA agent.
    2) All such consultants have an agreement signed with us, where by they make you sign on all such clause that clients are trapped. Ensure that you read the agreement properly and ask them to delete clauses you are not comfortable with.
    3) Agreement should have MARA agent name and code. Also get the same on mail from there official mail id.
    4) All Conversation with Apex team should be on mail and on recorded mobile phone. If you do not have recording facility in your mobile, download the same from play store. Its free.
    5) Do not pay entire fees upfront. Go for partial payment. For example: Your total fees including taxes is 70000/-. Ensure you pay the same in 3 – 4 installments. As the work or stages get clear, pay accordingly. In this way the Agents, will be interested in you and your file.
    6) CANADA: Those applying for canada, should do it online by themselves, as the canadian authority does not approve files through consultants or agents. The process is very simple.
    70 Apex- Ahmedabad office have broken there alliance with Apex- Pune, after they found out about the fraudulent details, that they do not have MARA code and are not approved by Australian agencies.

    Hope the advice will be useful to readers. For any guidance, kindly reply to this comment.

  13. Friends, Do not be fooled by Maninder Arora & his smart team of sales people… You will only see them at the time of signing up!

    Don’t get fooled by the folder of their visas that they will place in front of you. Its a well planned sales gimmick. Not that those visas are fake, but you really don’t know how much they have screwed that client before getting that.

    After that you have to deal with JP & his team of fools. JP is knowledgeable but will never entertain you as he is the operations head. Nothing really moves in that office & to speak to him, you really need to be very lucky! You are left to deal with people who can barely talk fluent English… And guess what, they are helping you file your overseas dreams!

    The case officer gets changed at least 4-6 times & you will have to explain everything all over again, fwd your documents again & blah blah…

    My case filing was delayed by months & I had to keep chasing them every now & then…

    One small advise to all who are aspirants of going; abroad… You will spend lakhs in your over all process… Chose a MARA agent as they are more reliable & answerable…REMEBER: QUALITY COMES AT A PRICE & When you give peanuts, You get Monkeys.

    All the best folks!

  14. Yes this is a fraud company. They took 90k only to keep me wairing . I asked for refund and only after threatening them with legal action they refund a very small portion of fees back. I have been busy for last one year but a detailed review of their services with proofs, email and receipts is pending. I will soon post it and make it viral so they cannot scam another poor soul.

  15. I got an email from APEX and i was planning to file VISA from Apex for Australia. But, after reading your comments definitely i will not choose this agency. Thanks folks for your valuable feedback about this organisation.
    It will be really great if you can suggest some genuine organisations name.

  16. Hi All,

    I was also duped by this organization and here is my story. I hold a PGDM, from one of the top 20 b schools in this country and in my eligibility report, it was commented/considered as ineligible for Australia and Canada Immigration. This is not a made up statement as 5 of my classmates have already immigrated to Australia. While this “consultants”claim my PGDM is not even equivalent to Canadian or Australian PG. If Australia and Canada do not even recognize PG from a good b school in India (where a fresher makes more than 8 lakhs per annum), then why do these “consultants” even talk to us for applying to Australia and Canada?

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