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Stay Away from Dentzz Dental 


Dentzz Dental is a complete Ripoff. Ethics and integrity are not embedded in their dealings; of course deceptive. They do not follow standards as in western cultures. How could you expect to get care and consideration, as you would get from the western practices?

HORRIBLE experience at Dentzz Dental

Dentzz Dental Review
Dentzz Dental Review

I went to Dentzz for implants root canals bridges and spent a lot of money. They crammed in my treatment every day for the 2 weeks I was and my mouth was so sore. Many nights I had no sleep. One female dentist was so rough I was in tears and had to get out of the chair. Don’t expect any compassion.

When I got back to Australia I realized how ill-fitting the crowns and implants were. I was disappointed. My partner had a small amount of work done. He put a negative comment online and they paid him to take it off.

The Female dentist who has lived in Melbourne is the one that signs you up. She is great at conning people I went to the Kemps Corner Clinic

BEWARE they do not give you a lot of personal care. I would not recommend them and sorry I went there. They did not even bother to contact me when I returned to Australia to see how I was going they get your money and dump you like a hot potato.

They buy off people to make out there are no complaints and try to force people into making a happy video on the last day of your treatment. I think there are many better places to go to.

Yet Another BAD REVIEW

Dentzz Dental Review
Dentzz Dental Review

I have been cheated by Dentzz. I have been traumatized with the whole experience and now want Dentzz to refund my money. If this is not done I would want to proceed legally against Dentzz and filing a case in the consumer court would be my first step.

I am sending you my version of what had occurred during my treatments with Dentzz. I was quoted 12, 630(USD) for a full mouth rehabilitation which is supposed to include all 28 teeth and Laser gum surgery.

Here is a list of what Dentzz Dental did.

  • Full mouth x-ray upper and lower
  • Impressions upper and lower
  • Installed 20 new crowns for the smile teeth

Here is what Dentzz Dental did incorrectly:

One good tooth on the lower right jaw was extracted and it should not have been according to Dr. Sonam.

During the procedure bridge fixed on the implant got loose(lower right jaw) was rendered loose during work being done to adjacent teeth according to Dr. Sonam. They did not reinstall the bridge implant. They refused and requested more money. As a result, there is a void(hole) in my gum.

No laser gum surgery

Because of their inexperience and bad judgment I now am missing 1 natural tooth. And because of that, I have a hole in my jaw. They damaged my lower jaw teeth. I started to argue with Dr. Priyank and Dr. Sonam they said we have completed all the required dental work to the 20 smile teeth. They both started to argue and got extremely hyper towards me. I was left to find another dental clinic to complete their work.

They demanded that I pay an additional 12, 000(USD) for Dentzz to finish the dental work. They are clearly ripping me off. They believe that I am stupid and don’t know what’s going on. I’m from Canada and my priority was to travel to India for my I.V.F but in Canada, it never would cost near that amount for that small job. As we understand from our dental family doctor in Canada 9, 000 all in total with our high currency by Canadian dollars, not USD currency. Plus you would not be paying for a hotel, flight ticket, Uber charges, and time wasted.

All of those expenses I can save in my country. But because I trusted you and your company to find me a reputable dental clinic and it did not work out I have been let down. Very disappointed with Dentzz Clinic was trying to take advantage of me. On March 9 you tried to get a hold of them with no success. Dr.Priyank told you that he was on leave. On March 12 you spoke to the management of Dentzz and they told you they would send the treatment details. As well you had arranged a conference call meeting on March 13 between you, myself, and Dentzz clinic. Dr. Priyank and I were at the meeting but Dr. Sonam wished not to attend. She was too busy to sit down. She didn’t care to attend. And Dr. Priyank was there with his patient.

I saw him but again after 1 ½ hour waiting the reception lady received his call to tell me to leave. His excuse he’s not there(lied). As a price comparison, my husband had dental work done at Apollo White Dental. He had full dental rehabilitation done there. Full x-rays. Impressions are upper and lower. Root canals for 22 teeth. One extract. One implant. Crowns 22 of them. Their price was 9, 157(USD) complete. when we compare both it is very clear that I have been cheated by Dentzz.

I have been traumatized with the whole experience and now want Dentzz to refund my money. If this is not done I would want to proceed legally against Dentzz and filing a case in the consumer court would be my first step.

NOT a Safe Paradise 


Bunch of Incompetent Cheaters

Why get trapped at Dentzz? Dentzz Dental has falsified advertising to grab your attention on the internet; making it all look appealing to get you. They pose a false impression on the internet using their advertising tactics. They make their advertising dominate the internet.

“Be cautious of misleading advertising over the internet!

These people will stop at nothing to shut my voice down. They threatened me with lawsuits, tried to bribe me, committed cybercrime to take down my videos from Youtube, reported me to my employers, harassed my family.

Dentzz’ PR Team in India adds their own (fake) reviews everywhere on the internet (to sound everything so pleasing). Dentzz people rate them as ***** everywhere on the internet. Dentzz removes other reviews/complaints about them on the internet; adding their own comments.

Be cautious of the vast amount of made-up storytelling (fake reviews of Dentzz) on the internet (misleading others). Dentzz Dental has internet blogs of all fake reviews of theirs.

There are many dental centers in major cities in countries like Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, and other East Asian countries, where UK, US qualified, well trained, and experienced dental specialists provide dental treatment at clinics fully equipped with modern technology.

These places do not get advertised, although they have their websites on the internet where people can contact them, and their rates are very reasonable for the clients; for locals and the international community/visitors alike.

Dentzz is no better to any other dental clinic in India/overseas; just their aggressive, bogus adverting that catches you. Why go to Dentzz to pay 100 times more than you would pay at any other dental clinic in India / overseas?

See dental treatment prices for dental tourists/locals at dental clinics ‘not advertised’ in India here:

(all dental clinics and treatment/services throughout India)

Mass Scale Swindler

Why go to a place like Dentzz Dental that uses adverting tactics on the internet to get you, and charge you 100 times more?

Dentzz a big money-making racket in India using mass adverting over the internet, which is targeted at the westerners. “Scads of Fake Reviews of Theirs on Internet”

Real-life experiences at Dentzz Mumbai, Kemps Corner clinic: A couple of dentists working at the clinic attending to the work of all those who have gone there for dental treatment following the advertising over the internet.

Everything is rushed there, so as to get more and more clients. There is no two-way communication, just get forced to follow their commands, and they grab your money (they grab your money as they wish). Do not expect standards, care, and honesty. The greater the plan they set for you; the greater the money they grab from you, but not to consider, listen to, and care for you. You wouldn’t know their plan until you go there. They set the plan and they grab your money. Of course, it is not your decision.

They treat you as dumb and uneducated. No dignity in treatment.

Wait at the clinic for many hours before they attend your appointment for treatment. They are ill-mannered, rude; expect discourtesy (screaming and shouting), threatening, dishonesty, and deceit at the clinic, over care, and standards that you would get from the practices in the western cultures.

Yet, be expecting to pay as same as in the western cultures for all your dental treatment at Dentzz when you go there and you would not know this until you are there.

Dentzz still even does not have the latest high-tech-modern technology in-house that they use as in the clinics in western cultures.

What high standards would you expect? Along with all poor standards and mistreatment you receive, expect to pay the highest charge and not any less. Is this what is being advertised over the internet on Dentzz?

They are waiting impatiently to seeing you there to grab hold of all your money (robbers!), even if you could not afford it. What standards would you expect in their treatment to you? Well, you can expect to have been deceived, not proper care, and taken all your money. What morals or standards do they have? Well, they would not even care for these. They do not have open honest communication as in western cultures.

They say that you only pay a fraction at Dentzz on the internet! (what lies?). The deceit of all sorts; aggressive, dishonest, and treacherous in their dealings. Who would advise you to go there?


Come home and go to see your dentists back home to fix all defects of their dental work/treatment of poor quality. Even the dental crowns made at Dentzz were out of shape and uneven (they were the outdated, lowest quality; cheapest crowns), yet having charged the highest price at Dentzz for making the best contemporary crowns (what a cheat?). No temporaries were provided while treated.

Dentzz carries out unethical dental practices (making more money), as unnecessary destroying of fine teeth and making crowns for them, and doing root canal treatment on healthy teeth in good condition.

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Has Literally No Manners!

Don't fall for this horrible finance professional. He treats his clients like trash and needs to learn a lesson or two in decency. He is NOT what he claims to be.

  • No pros
  • Terrible Attitude
  • Filled with ego
  • Berates clients
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