Dr. Barry M. Zide

Dr. Barry M. Zide, DMD, MD, Professor of Plastic Surgery NYU is this monster’s full name. Why monster, you ask? I must be exaggerating, you say. Maybe, but first let me tell you about my experience with him.

He wore a gun on his hip. He had a constable’s badge proudly framed on his desk. (Why would an MD need police powers? Why would he need to wear a gun while seeing new patients?) He shouted at me for not sitting on a black, vinyl seat pad he had placed on one corner of his couch. He shouted at me when I didn’t sit on the pad at first. He gave me his cell phone number and told me to call anytime with any concerns or questions. But when I called more than once he shouted at me, threatening me that if I kept calling he wouldn’t help me. There were many red flags that should have warned me away from him, but I was desperate for help, and afraid.

I had an appointment with another surgeon. I called Zide for a second opinion. (The procedure was one of those that Zide claims is one of his specialties.) I had always heard that one should get a second opinion before having any procedure. I expected Zide to praise the doctor I had selected. Instead he told me the doctor’s method didn’t work. He talked himself up, bragged about his accomplishments and reputation, made me afraid to treat with anyone but him. I canceled the appointment with the other doctor and had my surgery with Zide. It was the worst mistake of my life.

His Informed Consent Form contained two little boxes. One read “I request the doctor explain the risks of my procedure to me, ” or words to that effect. The other box read, “I waive my right to be made aware of the risks, ” or words to that effect. I was told to place a check mark in one of the boxes. I checked that I wanted him to explain the risks to me, but he never did. In a space that has more in common with a small dentists office than an operating room, he took my face apart in a horrifying way. I wasn’t ready for this. For anesthesia he had me take Ativan and Valium. His staff called this “Pre-med.” I woke up during the procedure to a feeling of being choked and having my arms restrained. I remember Zide shouting. (The statements of a patient on Valium and Ativan will not hold up in court). He had an unlicensed, unqualified member of his staff stay with me afterward. After the surgery I returned to him and reported excruciating pain. He said it was because of the “dissection.” (Isn’t it cadavers you dissect and not living human beings?) He left an important part of my surgery entirely out of his operative note.

There is too much to say about this monster. Fortunately the monster has condemned himself with his own words. He published a series of articles in a medical journal called Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. In these articles he shows his true face. He talks about the “ploys” he uses to bamboozle patients into trusting him. He tells of instructing his residents (Zide is a professor of plastic surgery at NYU) to make there own “Top doctor plaques” — fake credentials that are good for plastic surgeons to have NOT because they are true, but because patients tend to believe them. He gives instruction to the readership of the journal in step-by-step, paint-by-number style on how to use scripted language, and ploys, and outright lies, and lies by omission, and every aspect of con artistry imaginable to steal a patient’s trust. The references of one of his articles is a list of the kind of cheap, low-brow salesmanship books of dirty tricks that a dishonest used-car salesmen might read. But why should I continue writing when I can let the diabolical master himself do all the talking?

The following links are to The Wayback Machine, an internet archive. The webpages you will read were originally posted on the Makemeheal.com message board website. They mysteriously went missing after a blogger accused one of the website’s moderators of using a double standard — using soft language to describe the moral outrages of Dr. Barry Zide, but harsh language to characterize a blogger’s response to the outrages.








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  • Dr. Barry M. Zide is a butcher, a quack, a fraudster and a scam artist. The admissions he makes in his own published writings (viewable using the links provided above) say as much. Before you believe a single word of his dozens of so-called positive reviews (which can be found on Google, Yelp and others) do three things: 1) Read the selection of Zide’s medical journal articles by using the links provided above, 2) Read the book “Living Scared” by Linda Allone, a scathing indictment of the corrupt New York City medical culture in which Dr. Zide figures prominently, and 3) Go to Youtube a search for “Fake online reviews” and “Fake Google Reviews” which describe in detail how easy it is for a doctor to buy dozens of glowing online reviews, thus creating an entirely phony online reputation for himself. Remember that if something appears too good to be true, it probably is.

    • Dr. Zide uses the services of reputation management companies that provide him with fake positive reviews. He gives the companies an outline of how he wants the reviews written and they do the rest. In some cases he even writes his own reviews.

  • Dr. Zide closed his private practice and is now working for a hospital. The same rule applies to all professions: Those who aren’t good enough at what they do to work for themselves have two choices: 1) change careers, or 2) close up shop and take a job working for someone else. I believe this is what we are seeing here.

  • Christian Gutierrez says:

    ( Thank you, NO-SCAM, for standing up for free speech and honest commentary that promotes robust discussion.)

    Twenty-three questions for “the expert” Dr. Barry M. Zide:

    1) Are you still a New York City constable, do you still carry a gun, and do you still wear the gun in your office? If as your many positive reviews would lead us to believe you are so beloved by your patients, what would make you want to wear a gun in your office, while seeing patients?

    2) Brandon Su — one of your “ticked off” patients — left negative reviews on some of the big name reviews websites (Y*lp and G**gl*). You responded to his comment. So, tell me, Dr. Zide, If, according to you, you told Brandon Su that his scar could not be removed without “distortion,” why is he so angry? If, according to Su, another doctor was able to fix not only the original scar but the complication you added, doesn’t this make nonsense out of all your about “distortion”?

    3) The mother of a child you operated on was so shocked, distraught and angered by the way her son was treated by you and several of your colleagues, she went wrote a book about it: “Living Scared: Can You Trust Your Doctor?” Would you mind answering a few questions about certain statements made about you in that book?

    4) On page 85 of “Living Scared” Linda Allone writes that you told her it took you only one year to go from dentist to plastic surgeon, and that you did it for the money. It takes longer to go from tailor’s apprentice to full fledged tailor. Do dentistry and plastic surgery have so much in common that it takes only 12 months to go from one to the other?

    5) On page 155 she writes that you “used crazy glue inside [her son’s] brain.” Later “Dr. Rosiello” says “we removed that.” Is this true? If so, why did you use Crazy Glue near a person’s brain? You are a dentist/plastic surgeon, not a neurosurgeon. What are your qualifications for operating near a child’s brain?

    6) Certain of your published professional writings have become somewhat famous for their unusual character. Would you mind answering a few questions about those writings?

    7) In “What You Can Do Is Not What They Want” your references are 1) “Secrets of Power Persuasion, ” 2) “How To Become A Rainmaker, ” 3) “How To Close Every Sale.” Why is it not unethical for doctors to use the ideas in such sleazy books on the public?

    8) You write “If the technique is something I know I can do, I say, ‘I can do that very expertly—no problem, …'” Do you mean to say that as long as you feel able to do a surgery you are comfortable telling a lie about your level of expertise in that surgery?

    9) In “Consensus Is the Negation of Leadership” you write “…the patient even complained about my sofa cushion.” Is this the black, vinyl seat pad people had to sit on because you did not want their backsides coming into direct contact with your sofa?

    10) In “Consensus Is the Negation of Leadership” you write “I love what I do. I am not going to stop, …” What exactly is it that you do and what is it that you love about it?

    11) In “Tales of Greed” you write that some plastic surgeons are “con artists” and “sociopaths” and “bad apples who make us all look like whores.” Could you please name these doctors so the public can avoid them?

    12) In “I Am Not Alone” you ask “…should I start going to the Emergency Department again? Should I call people who refer others to me and ask them to think of me more?” Isn’t it odd that a “brilliant and innovative artist of the face” should have to scrounge for work?

    13) With your writings indicating that you use lies, manipulation and dirty tricks (and encourage other doctors to do the same) why should people believe your glowing testimonials, or the large claims you make about yourself, or anything you say?

    14) What do you say to those who believe that if a doctor is a truly good doctor he doesn’t need to plot and scheme and lie and cheat to earn his living, that his honest reputation is enough to bring him patients?

    15) How do you know that Lucille Iacovelli “had a huge body-image disorder” and made “‘morphed’ post-operative ghoulish pictures”? How do you know the “residents” were “fine” and that the procedure “went well”? Were you present? Did you even meet Lucille?

    16) You write “Most patients believe these plaques, and because I know it is all about perception, let them perceive you as special.” Do you mean that where patient traffic is concerned, in a contest between truth and lies, lies must always win?

    17) What magic does the phrase “petty, nebulous presentation of data” contain that when applied to a lie (about pre- and post-operative pictures and HIPAA) diminishes the wrongness of the lie?

    18) In “Why My Practice Is So Relaxing” you say that a patient’s mother once asked you to falsify an insurance claim. In a lofty, chiding tone, you answered her that “Physicians can never be expected to defraud anyone.” Why is it that you seem to have no trouble identifying fraud when the victim of the fraud is a big, powerful insurance company, or government agency, but that you are blind to the fraud of your own deceptive business practices, when the victim is a relatively powerless member of the public?

    19) In “I Am Not Alone” you write “…I had time–lots of it. My decision to operate may be more impulsive right now.” Do you mean to say that when business is bad your decision to operate is made by placing your own interests before the interests of patients?

    20) In “Four Patients You Love To Hate” you write “Believe me, it’s no picnic seeing my bad results every week.” Does this mean you get bad results every week, or that the victims of your bad results return to you weekly?

    21) If you “believe…that the whole ‘best’ approach is a scam” why do you “tell [your] residents to have a plaque made for themselves no matter where they go”?

    22) In “I Am An Expert For Anything You Want” you write “P.S.: Thanks to Doug Roth for a great title!” Who is Doug Roth?

    23) Are you still in provate practice? If not, why not?

  • We should not be too impressed that it took Dr. Zide only twelve months to go from dentist to plastic surgeon. On the contrary, it actually looks bad. This is because he got both degrees from the same school (Tufts). A person studying to become a medical doctor will always try to get different degrees from different schools. The aspiring MD will try to get his undergraduate degree from school A, his graduate degree from school B, his medical degree from school C, and so on. To get more than one degree from the same school (especially back-to-back) always raises questions about whether politics (cronyism) played a part somewhere along the process.

  • Enza Booya says:

    I would like to call attention to a very important question raised by the webmasters of this website:

    “Why do I see tons of positive review for Dr. Barry M. Zide on the internet?”

    Without anonymity there can be no free speech. The only hope the individual has of leveling the playing field against the powerful is by using anonymity. Big-name websites such as Google and Yelp, because they require personal information, make it impossible to post anonymous reviews. During the American revolution, the minutemen didn’t fight King George’s troops face-to-face, standing in rows Napoleonic style. If they had they would have been slaughtered. No, they fought guerilla style, by hiding behind trees. They hid themselves, or made themselves anonymous.The fight works the same when a patient posts negative reviews about a doctor. Doctors are able to unleash powerful forces against the patient who dares post a negative review. Anybody can post a positive review, phony or not, but a negative brings great risk. For this reason negative reviews deserve greater protection under free speech law than positive reviews. Medical doctors can unleash powerful forces against patients who leave negative reviews. Their insurance policies will pay lawyers to go after patients who post negative reviews, even if the review is an honest expression of opinion. I urge everyone to read about a recent case in which a New York gynecologist, Dr. Joon Song, sued one of his patients, Michelle Levine, for $1M for posting negative reviews. Dr. Song was able to crush Michelle not by proving that her claims were untrue but by spending her to death. Song was also able to force websites to remove negative reviews posted by those who supported Michelle. Without anonymity free speech is impossible.

  • Extremely rude and dismissive. I had concerns that were not addressed. Monstrous bedside manner. Gave me an extra long scar on the side of my face claiming that it would mimic the smile line of the other side. This was utter insanity and probably just his way of making an excuse for his poor judgment and poor skills. The chin implant I received from him continues to hurt to this day. He was unprofessional and started injecting things into my mouth and gums in the waiting room even before the anesthesia took effect. When I expressed second thoughts about going forward with a second “brush up” surgery that he wanted to do, he cussed me out on the phone, even using vulgar language. He yelled at me and pressured me to follow through with the second surgery. He tried to threaten me. He said that if I postponed the surgery he would never let me be his patient again, that even if I changed my mind he wouldn’t take me back. It is clear that he was upset because I was spoiling his plan to collect two surgery fees from me instead of just one. Never in my life have I encountered someone so unsympathetic, so self-absorbed, so evil, and in the medical field of all places. Trusting him is one of the worst mistakes I’ve ever made. Don’t go to him, or you will be sorry. Or if you do make sure to bring a tape recorder.

  • A nightmare. A maniac. Inappropriate language. Inappropriate behavior. Doesn’t answer questions. Doesn’t discuss pain management. Keeps dismissing your concerns. Every time you go for a post-surgical follow-up he tells you that you need another procedure TO FIX HIS MISTAKES. And it is never the same procedure he recommends because he forgets what he recommended before. During one of the follow-up procedures he kept aggressively shoving his hand in my mouth to give me painful injections. I was trying to pull his hand out of my mouth and he kept fighting me and refusing to answer my objections. The resident looked horrified. It was an assault and battery. The office staff was rude and non accommodating. They didn’t know what they were doing. The only civilized staff member was out on extended leave. I have worked with her for 20 years and she is the reason why I had gone back. Unfortunately she was out for a long time. I was going for surgery and I didn’t have any instructions. None of the office staff was willing or able to give me the information I needed. I called Dr. Eduardo Rodriquez. At first his secretary refused me access. But I persisted and she finally got others involved. They all acted like I was bothering them. ZIde and Rodriquez are good friends with the chief. Zide should have been forced to retired a long ago and it is like they put him there to get him out of the hospital because he is so dangerous. DO NOT GO TO HIM. My inner sense told me not to trust Zide. It was the resident who convinced me that Dr. Zide was an excellent Surgeon. BUT THE TRUTH IS THAT DR. BARRY ZIDE IS A QUACK!! I had seen one review on a site and there was another patient complaining on the surgery and it was never fixed. I feel the same way. I was so sorry I went to NYU. They are suppose to have an excellent program. They left anchors in my head telling me that would dissolve, but they didn’t . I had to push on them every night. I was getting violent pains and headaches and shooting nerve pain for 6 months which intensified each month. Finally they took them out. They were like nails dropping on the metal tray. The pain on the night of the procedure was unbearable. I was not warned about this nor was I given any pain management. It was awful. Dr. Rodriquez, the chief of a department and friend of Zide seems to have saved him, but in saving his friend he has done a great injustice to the public as well as to NYU. Dr. Barry Zide is a menace to patients and NYU. Zide is an evil quack. Run to another facility. The good reputation of the old NYU has been destroyed by doctors like Zide. Shame on NYU.

  • Do NOT go to your appointment alone! Without a witness no one will believe the horrors you will report. An extremely unpleasant, uncaring, dishonest, inept surgeon. Highly inappropriate behavior, including highly inappropriate humor–he told me to go to an erotic store and buy a vibrator! Callous. Zero empathy. Extremely impulsive–you never know what he is going to say or do. Irresponsible. Phony charm. Controlling and manipulative. Extremely poor surgical skills. Substandard level of care. My money was all he was after. He performed the surgery in a very angry mood. Began cutting into me even before the anesthesia had time to take effect. He was nasty to me throughout the process. I could plainly see that the resident who was there learning from him was horrified at the way he treated me. Trusting him was a tragic mistake. I cannot shake the feeling that he is one of the most dangerous people I will ever encounter. Do your due diligence. When doing your online research dig deep and read between the lines. Don’t just stop at the first page of results. Learn about “The Dark Triad.” I did, but too late. He became enraged when I asked him about all his negative reviews.

  • Yes it is. Based on the user review published on MeraReview.com, it is strongly advised to avoid Dr. Barry M. Zide in any dealing and transaction.
    Not really. In spite of the review published here, there has been no response from Dr. Barry M. Zide. Lack of accountability is a major factor in determining trust.
    Because unlike MeraReview.com, other websites get paid to remove negative reviews and replace them with fake positive ones.
    Dr. Barry M. Zide is rated 1 out of 5 based on the complaints submitted by our users and is marked as POOR.
    Never trust websites which offer a shady ‘advocacy package’ to businesses. Search for relevant reviews on Ripoff Report and Pissed Consumer to see more unbiased reviews.
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