I have faced issues with easemytrip in mutliple cases. Will highlight one here.

I booked a ticket from New Delhi to Belize and the cost was coming up to Rs. 1,14,441. I was excited to see the price and made the payment. The payment went through and I got the email saying booking is pending but money has been debited from my account.

I immediately got a call from easemytrip. Tee following was the conversation

Call center agent: The price for the ticket you booked has become 1,24,500 and would like to confirm with you whether or not to make the booking

Me: Why have you shown a different price on your website?

CC Agent: It just went up

Me: Will you be able to cancel my booking?

CC Agent: Yes, I can do that but it will take 4 days for the money to be reversed into your account. Are you sure you want to do it? Since the price is only going up and by the time you receive the money, it will be too late.

Me: Please cancel it and return every penny that was deducted from my account.

CC Agent: ok, you will receive an email confirmation

10 minutes later I get an email saying the booking didn’t go through since there werent any seats on the flight (not because the price has gone up).

I go to United airlines website and make the same booking and it costs me Rs. 1,15,000. Just a little bit more than the initial price on EMT, but much less than the 1,24,500 they quoted.

Its been a few days now and the money has not been credited in my bank account yet. I went ahead and filed a consumer complaint against them for fraud.

Still waiting for my money and action against them. Will update when I have more information.

Update –

Easemytrip is not at all credible. All their reviews praising the app is fake. I have personal experience with them where it is a complete waste to depend on any agency to book flight. I cancelled my booking within one hour for the full refund for a spelling change. To rebook the ticket Easemytrip trip tried to trick me into booking the ticket at a hiked process when the prices remianed the same on the website as the same. Easemytrip was not at all helpful in cancelling the ticket, as I had to make calls to the airlines myself to make the cancellation. Then, after 10 days, I call the airlines to see that they had processed the request way back, but Easemytrip was supposed to make the refund.

Upon calling Easemytrip, they say the airlines did not make the refund. I said I have confirmation emails for full refund from the airlines ,then they fumble and cancel the flight again. So I have to wait for my refund another 10 days.

Here comes the funny part:

Now they send a mail saying that the full refund has been cancelled as the airlines has not approved it. Which was bull****!!! When I told them I have confirmation from then and only after which I called them, they again send a confirmation mail for the refund. Everytime, I have to force them to send a confirmation mail otherwise the call never happened. These are a bunch of liars and cheaters, trying to find any loophole in order to cheat the customers off of their money. I have sent a mail to their CEO, and also written reviews on them, i don’t know if I am waiting time as it seems am about to lose 5440 RS !!!!

There’s absolutely zero reason for anyone to depend on an agency, when the airlines are better to deal with and with the same pricing!!!

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