Evan Luthra

Work with Evan if you want to burn all your money

Evan Luthra runs multiple scams all of which rely heavily on his personal brand. I want to make one thing very clear, Evan is NOT nearly as rich as he claims to be. He doesn’t own any multi-million companies. He just lies about his Net Worth, intelligence & experience so that he can take money from entrepreneurs.

Here’s how Evan Luthra really makes money:


If you contact Evan as an entrepreneur or even a fan, he’ll send you a number on which he will claim that he’ll talk. That call will cost you $200-500 depending on the length of the call. However, Evan will not tell you about the charges, he won’t even mention it! He’ll talk BS and try to extend the call as much as he possibly can. Then after the call ends, you’ll receive the bill for the call


He also sometimes give speeches about ”blockchain” and ”technology” while knowing literally nothing about both of those. Some people hire him thinking that he is a self-made millionaire who has a doctorate. These people don’t realize their mistake until after they’ve paid up Evan.


This is the biggest income stream for Luthra. He pays for all the rental cars and per-hour models seen in his interviews & posts, with the help of scams. He takes money from naive youngsters, claiming how he will make them millionaires just like him. These youngsters take loans from their parents, sell their cars, drop out of college and put their whole life at hold believing Evan’s dreadful lies. Once Luthra gets the money, he launches a $hitty app developed by his team of uneducated developers. And the app meets its inevitable fate, it flops. The entrepreneur who lost all his money, now, does not have the financial power to even sue Luthra. All he can do is regret, while Evan enjoys his life.

Evan also makes the claim that he earns all of his money from developing apps and his so called ” startup companies”. Well, long story short, this is not the truth! All the real testimonials available online, tell a different story. People who had worked with Luthra for apps regret hiring him. Luthra has a team of of uneducated and developers whose only certification comes from a $10 Udemy course and they make less than minimum wage working at his company.

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