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Complaint: WARNING !! to all breeders and cat lovers (BEWARE of breeder Munira Murrey of Mission Hill Persians, Kelowna) 26 Saturday May 2012 Posted by jennydodi in COMPLAINTS RE MISSION HILL PERSIANS AND MUNIRA MURREY Leave a Comment 2012_05_17 D* left eye. Corneal Ulcer (Herpes Virus) in left eye May 25, 2012 It was brought to my attention recently that Munira Murrey, Breeder, Mission Hill Persians, Kelowna, recently posted a fabricated story of the events that occurred after I purchased two persian kittens from her on September 26, 2011. I am posting this blog to set the record straight so others will not be taken in by this unscrupulous unethical and deceitful breeder. This is what really happened. CIMG8624 Infected left eye (getting worse) She agreed to sell me 2 persian kittens, one female silver chinchilla persian and one silver male himalyan persian. I made arrangements to pick them up in Kelowna, but when I got to her home on Lakeshore, she informed me that she had already sold the gray male to a woman in Edmonton and was shipping him to Edmonton in the next couple of days. As if that wasnt bad enough, she then told me she decided to keep the white persian to breed her. She seemed to be all over the globe and waffling about her decision and after a couple of hours, she changed her mind again. She said she would sell me the white persian for $1500 (a higher amount than was originally agreed). She talked us into taking an exotic male instead of the silver male she originally agreed to sell to me for $800. I reminded her she had already quoted me $700 for the silver male persian. Munira Murrey put the kittens in the carrier and locked it. No one else handled the carrier and the only time I opened the carrier was when we got it home. As luck would have it, one of her other kittens that she has now posted in the article on her website – Treasure Trove and who has water on the brain and also very sick, must have slipped into the kennel and hid in the back in the corner behind the other two persians so no one knew he was there until we got home. We were so surprised to see him when we opened the crate to let the two we just purchased out to play. While playing, the short-haired male exotic kitten she sold to me instead of the one she originally promised me, bite my sister who then had to be rushed to a Clinic to get a tetnus shot. We returned the short haired exotic to Ms. Murrey the same day and agreed to meet outside the Buckerfields store in Kelowna. Incidentally, this short-haired exotic kitten also attacked the dogs we have in the family. At this point, I asked her for a refund, but she refused and drove off to Vancouver with her husband to deliver another persian to someone else, leaving me standing there after she took back the exotic short-haired kitten, but refused to refund the $700 I paid for him. I then went to my bank and was successful in stopping payment on the cheque. I had the opportunity to explain the situation to the bank manager and warned them this could get ugly. Moments later as I was leavng, she showed up at my home branch in Kelowna, grabbed me by the arm and pushed me back towards the counter where the tellers were and threatened me saying I couldnt leave until the cheque cleared. She obviously felt I had good reason to stop payment of the cheque in the first place to show up at my branch and make a scene as she did. Because Im an honorable person, I agreed to cancel the stop payment and she was able to cash my cheque for $2200, even though the kitten she sold me was $1500. I was trusting her to come clean and deliver the second kitten, being the silver male she promised me for $700. Contrary to what she wrote in the Mission Hill Persians website, I at no time asked for reward money as I was not aware of any reward being offered. If I wanted reward money for finding the lost kitten, why would I give her $2200 when she still owed me $700? Makes no sense. That evening, Ms. Murrey called and told me she was sure the kitten had snuck into the kennel while she was putting the other two in the kennel, so not sure why she would offer a reward if she knew where the kitten was all along. She went on to say that particular kitten was worth $5000 and yet she planned to sell him, knowing full well he may not live very long. In spite of how angry this made me, I agreed to return him. I felt this was a another perfect opportunity for her to honor her original agreement to sell me the silver male himalayan persian she originally promised me, but had sold to a woman in Edmonton. She has had many opportunities to do the right thing, and still chose not to. As for Ms. Murreys fabricated version of the events that took place over the course of those three days, she herself said the sick kitten likely crawled into the kennel while she was putting the other two kittens I had just purchased inside the carrier and admitted the same thing has happened to her on various occasions in the past where other kittens snuck into kennels with the kittens that were being picked up by the new owners. She told me several stories while I was there, including how their home burned down during the fire storm and what was involved in saving the cats. Other stories that made my skin crawl of a woman who purchased a persian from her, but was forced to return it because the breeder made her life hell. I thought of this story later because I am now going through the same thing with this breeder. In fact, she tried to take back one of the kittens I purchased from her. I was completely entitled to a refund after she took back the exotic and when I realized she didnt provide me with any type of guarantee that she was going to replace the exotic with something more suitable, I decided to put a stop payment on the cheque, which I later allowed to clear. I basically ended up with only one kitten, but paid her for two. After much discussion, on the day I was leaving Kelowna, she finally agreed to contact the woman in Edmonton to explain she had originally promised the male silver himalyan to me. Fortunately, she had not shipped him to Edmonton. Any other honourable breeder would have just sold me the kitten they originally promised me, instead of leading me on a wild goose chase as she did. To date, she has demonstrated nothing but how ungrateful and unappreciative she is to us for finding the lost kitten and returning him safely to her. Several witnesses and myself met in the parking lot of Tim Hortons to exchange kittens. As a precaution, I contacted the Kelowna RCMP to alert them of the meeting and they agreed to stand by in case there was an altercation. As I anticipated, Ms. Murrey was still dishonest to the bitter end and tried to reneg on the promise to deliver the silver male persian. She also had the full $2200 in cash which I gave her. As there were several witnesses present at the time, she changed her mind yet again and agreed to honor her agreement for the umpteenth time and finally handed over the silver male persian. After making sure he was safely out of her view, we went back to her car in the parking lot to sign the contracts. Both contracts state Munira Murrey would send me the registration papers once the kittens were spayed and neutered. The female persians contract reads as follows: The kitten must be spayed by the age of 6 months latest. She must not be used for breeding Registration papers and/or pedigree will be provided once the kitten has been spayed and a veterinary certificate of altering is provided. On October 20, 2011 (at exactly 6 months old), I had the white female spayed in accordance with the contract, but Ms. Murrey refused to send me the registration papers. I have sent her 5 emails reminding her to send me the papers and have given her the Certificate of Spay 4 times, but she has refused to provide me with the papers, even though the $1500 I paid was to include registration papers. Below is the date and time of my most recent email to her: From: J Sent: Saturday, May 19, 2012 12:08 AM To: Munira Murrey, Missionhill Persians & Exotics, Kelowna ([email protected]) Subject: 5TH REMINDER for Registration/Pedigree Papers for female persian (**aka Jubilee) Importance: High In fact, she contacted the Vet Clinic to tell them the Certificate of Spay was not accurate because it did not show the name she had given the cat Jubilee. Instead, the Certificate showed the name I chose for her. The fact the species, age, breed and color are all identical to what is in the contract was irrelevant to Ms. Murrey. Furthermore, the name Jubilee does not appear anywhere on the contract she drew up. She knows the cat I have is the same cat she sold me and yet she is playing these ridiculous games. To date, she has not acknowledged a single email and has not sent me the registration/pedigree for the spayed female as promised in the contract. Now things get very interesting. I do not believe it is a coincidence that both Persians she sold me were both very sick, as the lost Persian that climbed into the kennel with mine was also very sick with a different type of disease (water on the brain). Both the cats she sold me are sick to this day. The white persian contracted a highly contagious herpes virus while in her care and apparently its common amongst catteries where there are several cats (she had approx. 25-30). She has a corneal ulcer which will cost $1600 to operate and there is no guarantee the ulcer will not come back. She may lose her vision in the infected eye completely, and worse, the infection could transfer to the other eye as well, leaving both eyes infected with this incurable virus. To date since September, 2011, I have spent over $2500 in vet care and vets anticipate this will be an ongoing problem for the life of the cat, who just turned one year old on April 21, 2012. The male persian (1 year old in July/12) has a condition called reverse sneezing and may also have a corneal ulcer from having been around Ms. Murreys cats. The contract Ms. Murrey drew up and signed states the following: Seller guarantees that the cat described above is in good health at the time of purchase. If examination by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of possession reveals otherwise, seller will replace the cat with one of equal quality. If the cat dies within the first two years of a genetic health defect, seller will replace the cat for one of equal quality upon availability basis upon receipt of a detailed necropsy report by a Veterinarian outlining the alleged health defect Above are two pictures of the female persians infected left eye. Below is an excerpt of what a vet specializing in cats wrote concerning the Corneal Ulcer: From: Dr * Sent: Saturday, April 14, 2012 7:45 PM To: J Subject: RE: D Hi J, Im not sure quite where to start, but I will try to answer questions one by one and just let me know if Ive missed anything. Re: staining both eyes. Checking a fluorescein dye test on both eyes (and thus also on both nasolacrimal ducts) is standard procedure during an opthalmic exam. Although Ds corneal scarring and ulceration is visible to the naked eye, that is not always the case. Dye tests can show us corneal swelling and pinpoint ulcers and early ucers that are not otherwise visible. So it is best to do a complete opthalmic exam rather than half. The good news was that Ds right eye looked great. However, both nasolacrimal ducts are not patent. Re: treating both eyes. As weve discussed, the feline herpes virus is one of the most common causes of corneal ulcers and eye infections in cats. We are currently doing some presumptive treatment for FHV by treating her with an anti-viral opthalmic suspension and oral lysine. (She has geographical ulcer which is quite common with FHV.) Sometimes eye infections can transfer to the (previously) non-affected eye, so sometimes we recommend treating both eyes even if only one is currently an issue. Re: referral to opthalmologist. The sooner a specialist is involved in the management of any medical problem, the better. In Ds case, given the large surface area of her corneal ulcer, I believe she should be referred as quickly as possible (and I believe she was on the 12th). However, I would absolutely advise against skipping the treatments I have prescribed to D. The opthalmologist may change doses and add on other treatments, but please continue to administer her idoxuridine, Fucithalmic, and lysine as prescribed. Re: itchy ear. D did not have contact with any other cat while she was in the clinic, and every kennel and surface is sterilized prior to a patient coming into contact with those surfaces. I suspect that she may either be scratching/pawing at her left eye, or she may have some mild ear inflammation which is causing her to itch this could be caused by allergies (food, environmental), infection, or simply excessive wax production. Ear mites can also cause itchy ears of course, but I dont see any note in her file about suspecting mites. That said, I have seen Persians come infested with ear mites from their breeders, so its not impossible that she could have a mild mite infection. She just would not have been able to pick it up at the clinic. Regarding transmission of infections to your other Persian though, FHV is easily transmitted to other cats. Presuming your other kitty is up to date on vaccines and has a good immune system, she ought to be able to deal with the virus without suffering a clinical infection. As for Ds diagnoses she does not have many definitive diagnoses, although she does have multiple problems: 1) Large geographical corneal ulcer, left eye, with secondary bacterial infection. Treated with: tobramycin opthalmic drops (discontinued use), Fucithalmic gel, Idoxuridine opthalmic drops, and lysine 2) FLUTD feline lower urinary tract disease Treated with: attempting to transition to a canned diet 3) Constipation Treated with: Microlax Enema 4) Weight loss (3.72 kg to 3.59 kg) Treated with: supportive overnight care (as below) 5) FUO fever of unknown origin Treated with: subcutaneous (SQ) fluids, 500 mcg Vitamin B12 SQ injection, temperature monitoring in clinic 6) Obstructed/stenotic nasolacrimal ducts Treatment: none likely secondary to infection or simply breed-related problem Recommendation for further treatments/tests (ideally): – (opthalmologist referral done) – viral testing – repeat dye tests – feline blood screen – repeat urinalysis – urine culture and sensitivity – pain control for urinary discomfort I hope this helps. How is Miss D doing at home currently? If you can update the girls on Sunday, that would be great. Dr * _____________________________________________________________ Below is an excerpt of what a specialist (opthalmologist) wrote concerning the Corneal Ulcer: From: Dr * Sent: Friday, March 30, 2012 10:09 AM To: J Subject: D Hi J, We spoke on the phone last night, but Ill just write a brief summary here of what we know is happening with your girl and a bit about what we discussed. Since I havent actually seen her myself, I will also leave the file for Dr. *s review for when she in back in the clinic after the Easter weekend. D has a large corneal ulcer on her left eye which is in the process of healing. Corneal ulcers are most commonly caused in cats by the Feline Herpes Virus (FHV), although there are other infectious diseases that can cause ulcers as well. Persian & Himalayan kitties can also develop corneal ulcers without the presence of infectious agents because of their brachycephalic (smush-faced) anatomy which results in their eyes protruding abnormally from their sockets. The protrusion means that the tear film may not be swept across the entire surface of the cornea fully while blinking, and this can result in corneal ulceration due to dryness. The ointment that D has been prescribed will act as both a lubricant for her eye as well as an antibiotic to prevent secondary infections from setting in (and preventing the ulcer from healing). There are further tests that can be done to determine the underlying cause of Ds ulcer, and if you wish to have these performed we can do so. There is always the option to refer her to an opthalmologist for assessment as well. I am attaching a link here to an article about corneal ulcers in cats: www.petplace.com/cats/corneal-ulceration-in-cats/page1.aspx D also has blood in her urine and was experiencing painful urination. Her urine test revealed highly concentrated urine and a lot of blood; there were no bacteria, crystals, or inflammatory cells seen. However, a urinary tract infection cannot be ruled out entirely without doing a urine culture, and we cannot rule out urinary stones definitively without doing an ultrasound. I suspect that D may have Feline Idiopathic Cystitis, but we cannot say that with certainty unless we rule out other possibilities with more tests. One of the best ways to treat any of the possible causes (and prevent recurrence) is to feed her a wet diet so that she produces more dilute urine. However, I understand your little girl (along with your other Persian kitty) is a finicky lady and prefers her kibble. Given that she seems to be urinating more easily now, it sounds like the issue may be resolving that said, it would be a very good idea to repeat a urine test in several weeks to ensure that there is not still blood present in her urine (it is not always visible to the naked eye). Im attaching a link to a couple of great articles here about cat urinary troubles: www.veterinarypartner.com/Content.plx?P=A&S=0&C=0&A=633 www.veterinarypartner.com/Content.plx?P=A&S=0&C=0&A=612 I hope shes doing well, and well be in touch soon to get an update! Dr *, DVM * Vet Clinic U P D A T E: I received an email on May 26, 2012 from CFA Cattery Reviews advising this breeder has already 2 very serious complaints about her. You can read all about them here: ca-catbreeders.info/canada-location.html#missionhillpersians

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