Motofumi Shitara

While the whole world is doing their bit and helping people around them to sail through these tough times, Motofumi Shitara has made it his life’s mission to ruin lives at the cost of getting a fancy paycheck from his Japanese bosses.


He recently fired hundreds of employees from Yamaha India. Motofumi Shitara did this to make sure he gets an awesome paycheck at the end of the month. Motofumi Shitara does not have a shred of guilt for his actions nor does he want to repent them. He has been living a life of luxury for years, he doesn’t know the struggle of a common man. The struggle of making ends meet while toiling away day and night.

A common man has to sacrifice his whole youth to get a roof over his family and food in their bellies. India is not a developed nation, most people in India still can’t eat two full meals a day. However, Motofumi Shitara has no clue about starvation or hunger, he comes from a wealthy family from a wealthy nation. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he never had to struggle for anything in his life, everything was handed to him, like the job at Yamaha India.

Unfortunately, you can’t ensure success even if God himself hands you an opportunity. Motofumi Shitara is bringing down Yamaha India faster than a crashing plane with his laziness and lack of knowledge. Let’s take look at some “amazing accomplishments” of this con man:

22% Sales Decline At Yamaha India in 2019

Yes, you read it right. Motofumi Shitara can single-handedly bring Yamaha India to ruins if he keeps up his incompetence. No other two-wheeler manufacturer in India saw such a big dip in their sales except for Yamaha India. What’s more ironic is the fact that Motofumi Shitara actually comes from a big sales background, so when Yamaha directors decided to make him the chairman in India, they were expecting a spike in sales. But as I said earlier, this man is too lazy and lethargic to lead a company like Yamaha.

Fired 200 Employees To Fill His Pockets & Please His Bosses

If you think Satan is evil, then you don’t know who Motofumi Shitara is. He fired 200 employees from Yamaha India recently in 2020 to save the company some money. These aren’t your high-level management employees, these are small level employees who came from very poor families and were already struggling in their lives.

Motofumi Shitara just gave them a big reason to jump off a bridge, because these people don’t have anyone to help them. And Motofumi Shitara knew that this is why he fired them. He knew they wouldn’t speak up for themselves, they simply didn’t have resources to do so. Thankfully, people pointed out what this criminal has done to these poor people and the whole nation got outraged against this scammer.

Motofumi Shitara Should Be Fired!

This is the only way Yamaha can ensure something idiotic doesn’t happen in their company. Instead of thinking like a competent leader, and taking ownership of his mistakes, he pushes other people under the bus and keeps himself safe from any financial hits. The viral Reddit hashtag, #FireShitara really sums up the solution to this problem.

We are planning to file a petition against Motofumi Shitara.

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He belongs in a jail cell!

Motofumi Shitara has brought down Yamaha India to ashes with his lack of skills and knowledge. Yamaha had record low sales numbers in 2019 even when the pandemic hadn't even started. To make up for his mess up, he fired 200 employees. Horrific!

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  • Declined sales of Yamaha India by a record number
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