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I am also being cheated in this business by my Ex senior Officer Mrs Krishna Sumrani (Ex MRO) now Residing R/o F-6, Moti Nagar, New Delhi-110015 approached him for a Business opportunity. She told me that we some friends all E-Commerce partner have started a business in Moti Nagar New Delhi and looking for partners who will invest money and work with them, and the profit will be divided according to your investments. I clearly insisted that I am not interested in any MLM kind of Business, on this they told me that “I will not cheat you as this is not MLM be tension free, I will also be working with you, we will make you grow financially for you and yours Kids bright future, you will have to go through an interview with my senior who is very successful in short period of time at very young age”. My interview was taken by Dr. Nitin (He working in my hospital) they selected me after my interview as a business partner. Dr. Nitin said that he can arrange a meeting with the other IR’s who will tell you about the business and if they find you suitable you will get chance to be a part of the company. After few days Mrs. Krishna Sumrani called me to come with a CV at a café coffee day (CCD) situated in Patel Nagar area New Delhi on last week of October 2015. I have reached there, where she met with Dr. Nitin (He working in my hospital) and Dr. Rishi Sumrani (Mrs. Krishna Sumarani’s Son) IR ID No. IN428489 and his to Senior associates Mr. Ayush Jhingan. Trio told him about the business profile and also assured that this is not a networking marketing company.  He convinced me to put INR 3,50,000/- and asked me to make Cash/ Demand draft in the name of Rishi Sumrani, saying that this is for tracking centres for business opportunity. He never disclosed the name of the company before putting the money, type of work to be done, my role in the company, returns from investment etc. They also said that company has millions of customers. IR of the company is treated as a partner and also got the profit share for each sale but I disagree of Rs. 3.5 Lakh amount. After 2-3 days Mrs. Krishna Sumrani said you just need to spend half an hour daily or a few hours on the weekend. She forced me for join the business and she put a mental pressure to sign up under them. After 1 week 01 email messages received for my personal mail address (We have received the credit card payment of INR 20,000/- by the name of Dr. Rishi Sumrani that is no refundable). After all I brainwashed and I collect amount who I can from my colleague, somehow, I pay Rs. 20,000/- (Rupees Twenty Thousand Only). But after some day they called me again for more money total Rs 3.5 Lakh. They also told, ask to your friends for remaining money. Your friends will definitely help you. They trying to convince me by telling If you want do something different and big in your life, arrange money as soon as possible. They forcibly insist me also you can arrange money by taking loan from bank. Mrs. Krishna Sumrani and Dr. Nitin said “Don’t you believe me, have faith on me. I am with Acharyashree Bhikshu Govt Hospital staff. They passed many sarcastic comments in convincing me, day in and day out. I took a loan from Axis bank of Rs. 1,70,000/- (Rupees One Lakh Seventy Thousand). After few days I have gave them Rs. 2,50,000/- (Rupees Two Lakh Fifty Thousand only) of Dr Rishi’s hand behalf of Mrs. Krishna Sumrani and Dr. Nitin. They also made my wife and brother to join this business saying that be a sleeping partner invest money and you will get a share of it. And after few months I gave them Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousand Only) for my brother Mr. Mohinder Singh (IR ID No IN478187) and Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousand Only) for my wife Mrs. Pinki (IR ID No. IN478163) through Axis Bank to ICICI Bank (IMPS/P2A/606512168827/ 630301513457ICIC0006303) of Unknown QNET IR Account. But my brother and my wife’s purchase receipt and product not received till date. After joining the business, I came to know that these people are school classmates. When I asked about my work they told,” Please open your telephone dairy and start calling your friends and relatives to join this business. This is how I was cheated.

Infect on asking Dr. Nitin and Mrs. Krishna Sumrani about the refund, he denied saying “there is no refund policy”, but it is there. He did not let me know about the policy and he pushed me to continue, saying ” If you have started something then you should not move back, you should move till the end”, but after following him for 4-5 months, I realized there is no end and I would end-up be criminalizing the society and myself. It is the breach of trust. They don’t tell the name of the company or complete business module at the beginning. But after some time, he got to know that this is a multi-level marketing company and fraudulently cheating innocent persons by roping them in its banned business with the help of IRs.

 I realized that there is something fishy in this business & going in wrong direction, need to talk and discuss all about Qnet world business with my close friends. Then I called to my close friend and explained him what happened with me and what I invest in Qnet world business and all. After that he scold me and told you are very stupid and don’t think how to do business and all. what you know about Qnet world? Qnet world is a big fraud and scam company who making fool people of India. It is MLM based company and wrongly promised to you, you can millionaire in some year by investing some time and some money. He scolds me and go and check about Qnet World scam on internet through image, news and Quora and some other complaint sites. After that I go through all this and shocked. I saw a list of scams of Qnet World. I totally disappointed with myself what I did? I felt I lost my all money Rs.  who I arrange with my pocket money, friend and colleagues. I earn monthly only 15000 and I don’t know how to return money which I have taken with my friend and colleague for this Scam Qnet World. I depressed and not able to think what I do? I didn’t sleep from two or three days. After some days when I felt relaxed and think how can I get my money back? Then I call Mrs. Krishna Sumrani and Dr. Nitin, Those who join the company get user id etc and products like ravel packages, some other items etc are shown purchase from their money. The delivery address given in the portal is also found of overseas area most of the time and mostly that address is too fake type location only which shows that no products are being sold and it is a completely a money circulation scheme. Two websites were found involved in the namely www.unetindia.in and ww w.cmetindia.net were found mated to Vihaan Direct selling (India) Pvt ltd which is stated Indian Franchisee of Hong Kong based net company.

I am totally frustrated and feeling low, all are making me a fool, Qnet World is a big scam in India. They have very large network by that they misleading and misspelling product of Scam Qnet World.


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